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You can get rid of junk cars for cash instead of having to pay a service to take it off your hands. But first you have to be careful who your buyer is. With the wrong buyer, you may get yourself into legal trouble if you’re still the official owner of the car and it’s used in the wrong ways. So how do go about exchanging junk cars for cash? Here are some tips that can help you out.

  • 1. Don't just go with the first buyer you come across on Craigslist. You’ll need to do research and to get quotes from potential buyers.

  • 2. Stick with legit businesses. That often means getting verifiable credentials issued by the local DMV. You can find these businesses online, by using Google and reading reviews online. Some of your friends may give recommendations if they’ve already sold their cars to buyers without any hassles. Your mechanic can offer some suggestions as well.

  • 3. The nearer the better. If you live in a big city, it’ll be better for you if you can deal with the nearest buyers located near your residence. That’s because good junk car buyers offer to tow away your car as a free service, but the distance may affect how much they offer for your car. If they’re located at the other side of the city, then the great distance will cost them more fuel and greater wear and tear on their tow truck. That means they may reduce their offer to compensate for the extra expense.

  • 4. Get a list of a few buyers. Call them for quotes. They will ask you certain questions to ascertain the condition of your car, and then they will give you an offer. Just make sure that all these companies on your list are reputable and that they offer free towing and a free quote. If they charge for quotes, cross them off your list.

  • 5. When the Tow Truck comes to pickup your vehicle, make sure they are properly licensed by checking for a license number on the Tow Truck.

Finally, you have to be paid. Make sure the amount paid to you is the same as the quote. If they say that the price has changed because of the condition of the vehicle and you’ve answered their questions honestly over the phone, make the driver call their office for an explanation. Exchanging junk cars for cash can be a straightforward transaction, but you need an honest and reputable buyer. Don’t get taken in by illegitimate buyers—they’ll give you even more problems than a decrepit vehicle.

Is Your Vehicle Year 2000 or Newer?

Any Cars, Trucks, Vans and SUV's which are Year 2000 and newer are in higher demand. This means that we can pay you much more for your 2000 or newer vehicle! Call us today to find out how much money your vehicle is worth and get our absolutely best cash offer for your vehicle today...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I do not have the keys for the vehicle?

    If your vehicle is being scrapped and recycled for metal, no keys is not a problem.

  • What if I do not have the Title for the vehicle?

    In most cases, no title is not a problem as long as you have a copy of your driver's license and a copy of your registration.

  • What if I lost the Registration for the vehicle?

    Your states motor vehicle department website will provide information on weather or not we would need the registration.

  • What if I have the title but I am not the owner of the vehicle?

    The title will need to be signed by the owner of the vehicle and you must have the necessary permission from the current owner to get rid of the vehicle.

  • Can you purchase an Abandoned Vehicle on my property?

    Call your local police department for instructions about the proper paperwork needed for abandoned vehicles left on property. You will need to do this before we dispatch a tower.

  • How fast will my vehicle be picked up?

    Many of our towers are able to pick up vehicles within 24 hours. In more populated areas, same day service is available upon request.

  • Do I have to be with at the vehicle during pickup?

    It is possible to make arrangements with the tower to leave the car at a specific location with the proper documentation in the vehicle.

  • Can you pay me in a different payment method besides Cash?

    When you call for a quote, ask the representative about our specials for the month including vacations, donations or gift offers.



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